MatrisomeDB 2.0 is the new release of the original MatrisomeDB (click to visit MatrisomeDB classic). In this new release, we expanded the content of the database to include 25 new datasets which greatly improved overall matrisome sequence coverage. Additional new features include: 1) peptide and post-translational-modification mapping onto SMART domain map of the protein; 2) 3D sequence coverage map (provided by SCV); 3) links to CPTAC validated assay and links to the PeptideAtlas; 4) a new text cloud feature to give users a preview of the related terms from your search. To know more, please read our tutorial page!

Citation: MatrisomeDB: 2023 updates of the ECM protein knowledge database. Shao X, Gomez CD, Kapoor N, Considine JM, Gao Y, Naba A. Nucleic Acids Research, 2022, gkac1009.